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I am a writer/photographer with numerous other interests. My Autobiography presents a bit more detailed background than I will here. However, I am active with the Nicola Valley Museum & Archives and I am now going into my 42nd year as a contributor to BC Outdoors magazine. Check the newstands for my latest “Backroads” contribution. You should find it near the back of the magazine.
Murphy Shewchuk

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  1. I recently viewed your Gold Bridge information page. as you lived in Gold Bridge I wonder if you have any knowledge of the Sunrise bakery that was in God Bridge in 1935. Yes I know it was before your time but you are very knowledgeable about the region and I am stumped as to how to locate data from that period. Other than the BC Directories all roads have lead nowhere. The bakery was owned by RT Dirk and may not have existed for very long.
    Many thanks for your help and also for preserving history of small town places.

    1. Hello Ann,
      I am just learning WordPress after at least 15 years working with plain HTML web pages. Anyway, I replied separately but for those who are curious, a search for Model Bakery in Gold Bridge, B.C. will answer most of the questions.

  2. Hello Murphy, I recognize your name as I also lived in Pioneer from 1951-1958. My Dad was the manager of the store and my Mum had taught briefly in the two room schoolhouse. I enjoyed your article very much, it brought back good memories.

    1. Hello Ian
      The Pioneer Store was my starting base for my Vancouver Province paper route for a few years. I blew part of my profits on a small jar of stuffed olives to get my salt fix before hiking as far as PE Townsite. On a good day I would also stop at the little cafe in the Community Hall for a small strawberry Sundae. We lived at Too Townsite and would occasionally try to run the 360 +/- steps from near the store to the top. I am afraid that I couldn’t do that today. Murphy

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