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Murphy Shewchuk is a freelance writer/photographer with more than a dozen books to his credit. He has also been a newspaper columnist and a regular contributor to BC Outdoors magazine sine 1974.


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  • Mahood Lake Sunrise

    Red sky in the morning...

  • Prickly Pear Cactus

    Don't get too up close and personal...

  • Kump Lake Sunset.

    Kump Lake Sunset...

  • Common Loon on a Cariboo Lake

    A curious loon in the morning light...

  • Swans on Nicola Lake.

    Swans on Nicola Lake...

  • Atlin Lake Sunset - June 2014.

    Atlin Lake Sunset...

  • Mallard Ducks in Fresh Snow.

    Mallard Ducks in the Snow...


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Our guidebooks cover southwestern BC.

If you are looking for information on backroads and trails from Hope to Barkerville, and from Rock Creek to Bella Coola Click Here!

Stock & Assignment Photography

Male Mountain Bluebird
From postcards to billboards.

I have had well over 2,000 photographs published in a variety of publications. My images are also available on iStockphoto.com.

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"Backcountry guides can sometimes be plodding, written as a textbook rather than an information guide. Other guides are written light and fluffy without any real substance other than their maps.

"It's only through Murphy O. Shewchuk's extensive personal knowledge of the region that he can write a guide filled with all sorts of truly useful information in a style that's enjoyable to read." - S. Paul Varga

Reviews & Interviews

"What makes Coquihalla Country outstanding in its class is the wealth of information. Some may call it trivia, but at its worst it is trivia which rivets the attention of the reader and makes one turn yet another page despite being miles from the scene. Historical data on the region becomes readable fact. Tales of Indians, animals and plants become anecdotes of note. A worthy addition to the bookshelf of any outdoor adventurer." - Henry Frew: Outdoorsman".